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Medical Device, Biotech and Healthtech

Tuesday, 12 April 2022. 5.30 PM AEDT  | LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

Keynote Speaker

5.30 PM

Dr Amandeep Hansra, Co-Founder of Australian Medical Angels

Starting with our keynote Dr. Amandeep Hansra, Co-Founder of Australian Medical Angels, where she leads hundreds of medical practitioners/angels actively involved in the HealthTech/LifeSciences space. Being an angel investor and a board member herself in the HealthTech, Digital Health and Medical Devices space, Dr. Hansra holds deep clinical and investor experience. She will be discussing her process of due diligence in HealthTech and the opportunities on the horizon exclusively to the WI Investor network.

Live Presenting Companies

5.45 PM

Medcan Group Pty Ltd   View deal room

In 2016, Medcan was founded to bring safe, effective treatment to millions of Australians suffering with life-altering conditions from chronic pain to epilepsy.

Health Food Symmetry Ltd View deal room

Health Food Symmetry Ltd (HFS) produces Kfibre from sugarcane in Queensland (95% sugar removed). A world first unique product that has proven health benefits.

EpiAxis Therapeutics View deal room

EpiAxis is a leading drug development company that aims to make cancer a chronic disease rather than a fatal one, by using epigenetic science to create a completely different approach to cancer treatment. 

Novapep is an Australian-US biotech company which is developing structured peptide drugs for diseases and conditions where there are unmet medical needs.

EyeGuide View deal room

EyeGuide is a device that performs a 10-second eye test to assess brain health; filling the mid-market void by providing a simple, objective, and affordable device to analyse and promote brain health. 

Cogniss is the world’s first no-code platform that empowers anyone to create sophisticated Human Transformation apps — digital solutions that have a transformative effect on health, behavior, cognition and well-being.

Live Q&A and Networking

6:40 PM | 7:00 PM

Finally, we have our curated list of healthtech and biotech investors, including yourself, networking post-event to ensure constructive connections are made and thought-provoking ideas are exchanged.

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