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Software / Platforms and Marketplaces

Tuesday, 3 May 2022. 5.30 PM AEDT  | LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

Keynote Speaker

5.30 PM

Laurence Schwartz, General Partner, Our Innovation Fund

We start the night with a keynote by Laurence Schwartz, an Australian technology investor focused on partnering with the most exceptional entrepreneurs to build world-class, highly impactful technology businesses.

He has co-founded two software businesses and invest in early stage technology businesses at Our Innovation Fund (OIF). 

Live Presenting Companies

5.45 PM

Cogniss is the world’s first no-code platform that empowers anyone to create sophisticated Human Transformation apps — digital solutions that have a transformative effect on health, behavior, cognition and well-being.

EduNow Pty Ltd View deal room

EduNow Pty Ltd started as a private tutoring company, and developed a unique approach to personalised education. View deal room

Neutopia is a digital platform designed to serve modern alumni engagement through personalised content, facilitating communities, and delivering ongoing learning.

Monarc Global View deal room

Monarc Global has developed "TRAVECH", the world's first real-time, automated pricing and booking tool for ad hoc charter operators, and the tools to distribute in real-time to e-commerce partners of their choice.

Let’s Join In Pty Ltd View deal room

Want to discuss the things that matter? Let's Join In is a social media platform looking to change the social media space with company offered content and free discussion.

Mercurien Pty Ltd View deal room

Mercurien has developed an end-to-end fleet, insurance, and risk management platform that delivers safety and savings.

CircleSource Pty Ltd View deal room

CircleSource is a B2B digital sourcing solution that supports the massive untapped market of SMEs in Australia and across the globe by helping them find and engage the best local experts for service and project-based work.

Live Q&A and Networking

6:40 PM | 7:00 PM

Finally, we have our curated list of software, platforms and marketplace investors, including yourself, networking post-event to ensure constructive connections are made and thought-provoking ideas are exchanged.

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